Lately, reusable bags have turned into our best shopping buddies, especially those who live in areas where plastic bags are banned at checkout when shopping.  Some have a loving relationship with their reusable bags, while others are still adjusting to the new BYOB (bring your own bag) lifestyle.

#TakeMeWithYou came to life when we realized there is a need for solutions to help encourage and remind consumers to bring their own bags when they shop. It will help decrease paper and plastic bag waste, and it will help offset overhead costs for the retail industry.

We’ve been conditioned to receive free bags at checkout, but now it’s the consumers’ part to make a small effort to bring their own reusable bags. We’re here to help spread the word we’d love for you to join us!

Who We Are

We are an environmentally-caring group of fun individuals whose desire is to encourage a new shopping style — BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag). With Hawaii’s recent plastic bag ban at checkout, and eventually other locations as well, there have been some necessary adjustments taking on this new habit. With our #TakeMeWithYou campaign, we’d like to help remind people to bring their bags and encourage others who may just need a little pushing to use them.

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